A match made in heaven..

When working as colleagues does not only bring good results but is also fun, nothing stands in the way of founding a new company. Furthermore it is a big confirmation that you have indeed found the right team when upcoming tasks are assigning themselves.

What connects us is our enthusiasm for the medium of realtime animation and information graphics. We are like-minded and pursue the same goals. Through our different career steps we complement each other perfectly.

Ronny Müller

Project Manager

After many years as a sound engineer, Ronny has specialized in event engineering and also led numerous events as a project manager. As a licensed [VENTUZ] trainer he concentrated on content creation and focused on non-linear real-time presentations.


Elisabeth Oettinger

Creative Manager

Thanks to her education in both animation and graphics Elly quickly became a design all-rounder for multimedia projects. In her previous positions, she was creating print graphics while also providing web content and animating videos. The development of informative presentations now represents an ideal interface between moving image and graphics.


INNOVATIVE solutions
and new ways of PRESEN­TATION